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Welcome to Scoobypedia - a Wiki knowledge base for anything Subaru, maintained by experts - you the community.

Scoobypedia is an open wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of technical articles. Scoobypedia pages are like normal web pages, except they have an 'Edit' link that makes it easy to add /or modify existing pages. You do not need to know or use any HTML.

Please spend five minutes looking at the site rules, FAQ and tips for editing before posting. More detailed information can be found in the documentation index.

If you are one of our Scoobypedia regulars or fancy writing up a new article perhaps have a go at one of these.

Recent News Articles

November 2015: For security reasons I've upgraded the php on the server which has also caused me to upgrade all the wiki software and plugins. Please let me know if you spot anything that is not working correctly by email to:

June 2014: We've had some issues with spam bots so have a new captcha question you'll need to enter before saving a wiki page.

UPDATE MARCH 2014: We've had some serious downtime as the SIDC moved ISP providers. A combination of unlikely technical issues caused a huge delay - but WE ARE BACK! has now purchased the domain. With the acquisition of the .com domain, Scoobypedia's future has been secured (from copycats) as the most comprehensive open and free subaru knowledge base. Our 'knowledge articles' are referred to, every day, of every year, from the most popular Subaru forums including and ScoobyNet.
Since our last news update we've added a number of new articles including an Impreza Buying Guide, a Subaru Paint Codes list for Scooby's needing a touch-up and if you're hearing a knocking from your STi's you'll want to see our Knocking Newage Rear Struts self-help article.

21 Sep 2007 - Scoobypedia is now the home of the Subaru International Driver Club (SIDC) legendary FAQ. The original FAQ has been migrated to Scoobypedia and split into a number of pages for better organisation and presentation. It still needs bringing up to date with the latest models and expanded where required. Edits to the FAQ are currently password protected to allow the FAQ team time to get the initial updates in place.

18 Sep 2007 - A Perfect Partnership - Subaru International Driver Club (SIDC), formerly the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club, and join forces to create one of the largest managed knowledge-bases for all things Subaru.

In 2005 Steve Crisp started Scoobypedia with the line "Initial embryonic idea and creation of Scoobypedia. There is much to do" Two years later Scoobypedia is widely recognised as one of the resources of information of all things Subaru related.

The SIDC was formed some 10 years ago by like minded individuals wanting to share information, improve driving skills and find benefits for the whole Subaru Community.

Importantly both organisations remain non profit making and open to all you the Subaru community.

When the SIDC started its plan to improve its web presence last year much discussion ensued regarding its legendary FAQ. It needed bringing up to date with the latest models and migrating from the difficult to maintain HTML web page to something supporting collaborative maintenance. The update was going to take some time with contributions from the SIDC FAQ Team, however they wanted to do this on an ongoing basis and invite new people to the team.

Enter Scoobypedia, an editable knowledge base built on the Open Source Wiki engine PmWiki. Now hosted on the SIDC's Server, it exclusively holds the SIDC FAQ. Over the coming months this will be brought up to date by the FAQ Team.

Of course it doesn't stop there. The SIDC will be able to publish new Scoobypedia technical articles, unlocking valuable technical knowledge once buried in the their forums. You may discuss these articles on the SIDC forums and update relevant Scoobypedia articles as required. There are many other possibilities which we will be discussing over the coming weeks, stay tuned.

01 Feb 2007 - Scoobypedia was pleased to help the ROMRaider Open Source ECU tuning project redesign their website. Yes, we used a Wiki and tied authentication to the existing phpBB forum. This better shows off the fantastic software and helps the owner share the maintenance of the web site - that is the purpose of the Wiki. Please visit and show your support.

08 Aug 2005 - Initial embryonic idea and creation of Scoobypedia. There is much to do...

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